Keeping up Appearances

Audition Dates:
Sunday 14th July 7:30pm @ Main Theatre Foyer
Sunday 21st July 2:30pm @ Main Theatre Foyer

Performance Dates: Wednesday 12th - Saturday 22nd February

The action takes place in a village hall where the local amdram group are rehearsing a murder mystery play.

Characters Required:
Hyacinth Bucket - She describes herself as a ‘Local Celebrity’ held in esteem by the community for her candlelight suppers.

Daisy - Hyacinth’s happy, lively, lovable sister

Onslow - Daisy’s tattooed, beer-guzzling, unemployed and apathetic slob husband

Rose - Hyacinth’s youngest, lustful sister, Rose has an eye for men and a taste for short skirts and flashy, provocative outfits

Daddy - (Non speaking role) Slightly senile but still lively enough to get into trouble!

Emmet - Hyacinth’s neighbour and cultured director at the local amateur dramatic society

Liz - Hyacinth’s friendly, tolerant next-door neighbour and Emmet’s sister

Mr Milson (Milly) - A shy newcomer to the amateur dramatic society, fancied by Rose

Mrs Debden - A tweedy woman with a forceful personality and voice

For further information please contact the director David Draper on 07841 130307.

Scripts are available from the Priory Theatre bar or you can request a digital copy by emailing

Panto 2019 - Babes In The Wood

It’s that time of year again! Panto time! Oh no it isn’t…! Now that Easter is over, let’s focus on Christmas! (After all, Summer came and went with Easter).

This year’s Priory panto extravaganza is “Babes in the Wood”.  A magical tale of love, betrayal, evil uncles, bumbling fairies, a bear, a witch and a gingerbread house. With a sprinkle of two failed Morris Dancers (who have absolutely no idea what show they’re in)  you’ve got all the ingredients for yet another bonkers pantomime adventure!!

We are now looking for a fun loving cast – and it could be you! In addition, we are looking for an exciting and vibrant junior chorus who will have the opportunity to play several cameo roles… Have you ever done panto before? Then come and do another! Never done a panto in your life?? Well what are you waiting for?!?! 

Auditions will be held (by appointment) at the Priory Theatre rehearsal studio on:

Sunday June 23rd         COMPANY AUDITIONS               2:30pm.

Sunday June 30th         PRINCIPAL AUDITIONS               (From) 2:30pm.

Audition pieces plus any further information available on request:

PRINCIPAL ROLES (in order of appearance)

FAIRY TUMBLES           A loveable but clumsy fairy.             Female role

HAN                            (Babe) Typical Panto Boy               Female/Male role

GRETA                          (Babe) Typical Panto Girl               Female role

UNCLE SILAS               Evil Uncle to Greta                      Male role

GUS                            Evil henchman to Uncle Silas (Double Act)   Male/Female role

BILL                            Slightly dim henchman (Double Act)            Male/Female role

DORIS                         The Dame                                                Male role

BORIS                         Daft son – both are failed Morris Dancers    Male/Female role

WITCH                        Evil Witch who lives in the Gingerbread House  Female/Male role

Plus at least 13 CAMEO roles… (Company members only)

The production runs from December 18th to January 5th. Be there or be a rhombus!!!

Adam Schumacher.


The Theatre Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

The Theatre
Opposite Abbey Fields on Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth

Our Rehearsal Studio Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)

Our Rehearsal Studio
Down the hill from the theatre (by the Zebra crossing)