“Mr Bennet’s Bride” by Emma Wood

Director: Anita Dalton

Audition Dates
Thursday 10th October 7:30pm @ Main Theatre Foyer
Sunday 20th October 2:30pm @ Main Theatre Foyer

Performance Dates: Saturday 25th April - Saturday 2nd May


Robert Bennet: 55-60, the Master of Longbourn, has never recovered from being widowed early in life.

James Bennet: 28, mischievous and highly intelligent, adept at play-acting to avoid responsibilities.

Mary Ellingworth: Mr. Bennet’s sister, decent, caring and considerate, burdened by having been widowed early in life and helping raise James in lieu of any children of her own.

Benedict Collins: Mr Bennet’s cousin, abrasive, over-familiar, self-important, greedy, he carries a strong resentment for Robert.

Mrs Graves: 50-70, the housekeeper, clever, good-humoured, her service to the family has earned her familiarity and respect.

George Gardiner: 45-50, attorney-at-law., highly intelligent, knows how to operate socially, ambitious for further status.

Sarah Gardiner: 40-45, attractive, likable but superficial, spoils her daughter, easily excited by money, young men, status, fashion etc:

Emily Gardiner: 17, striking with an irrepressible spirit coupled with a lack of modesty, flirtatious and superficial in her judgements.

Mrs Bowman: 40s, a pleasantly-natured woman, excitable in company, eager to make a good match for her daughter.

Clara Bowman: 20, a serious and sensitive young woman, not particularly pretty but has a great deal of intelligence and dignity.

This is a really interesting piece in that it is an imagined prequel to Jane Austen's novel "Pride And Prejudice" and takes place some 25 years earlier and concerns how the Bennets  met and decided to marry. Its a fascinating play and when it opened in Newcastle in 2014 sold out! Hopefully we can do the same!

If you are interested in auditioning, do contact me on or Mobile: 07814 127717 if you want to read a script prior to the auditions.

If you don’t think there is a part for you but want to be involved, let me know as I like to build a team around my shows and will need prompts, backstage help and numerous other jobs which go to make a great show.


Directed by Chris and Sue Biddle
Choreographed by Sue Biddle
Musical Director: Claire Tyler

Audition Information

All principal and ensemble parts require singing, dancing and acting ability, and there will be set audition pieces for each part. Therefore, we have decided to hold a workshop in the Main Theatre and Foyer on Sunday 10th November at 10:00 to teach the audition pieces and discuss our vision for the production.

The auditions themselves will be held in the Main Theatre and Foyer on Thursday 14th November at 19:30 and Sunday 17th November at 10:00. Auditionees only need attend one of these dates – please let the production team know which date by the end of the workshop.

Roles to be cast

Roxie Hart
Female. Mezzo. Mid-30’s to mid-40’s. Glamorous, wannabe performer, with an insatiable drive for fame, and enough wit to know how manipulate people in order to reach the stardom she thinks she deserves.

Velma Kelly
Female. Alto. Mid-30’s to mid-40’s. Gutsy, arrogant, and talented performer, who has to swallow her pride to ask Mama, Billy and ultimately Roxie for help.

Matron “Mama” Morton
Female. Alto. 40’s. Prison Warden cum Talent Agent. Sassy, flirtatious and coercive. Will do anything to help her inmates…for the right price.

Mary Sunshine
Male. Counter Tenor. Could be any age mid-20’s plus. Determined to see the good in everyone. Mouthpiece for Billy Flynn to get the public on Roxie’s side.

Billy Flynn
Male. Baritone. Mid-40’s to 50. Charismatic, stylish, silver-tongued lawyer, who believes he is God’s gift to the women of Cook County Jail, not because he believes in their cause, but simply that they earn him money.

Amos Hart
Male. Baritone. Mid-30’s to mid-40’s. Roxie’s poor gullible doormat of a husband. Easily outwitted by Roxie and ultimately expendable.

6 Male and 6 Female ensemble cast members of various ages to play a variety of cameo parts.

Co-Directed by Chris and Sue Biddle. Choregraphed by Sue Biddle and Musical Direction by Claire Tyler, Kander and Ebb’s Tony-winning, Vaudeville-inspired musical, CHICAGO, will be coming to the Priory Theatre in June 2020. It’s dazzling score and Fosse’s immortal choreography have made CHICAGO a hit around the world.

In roaring twenties Chicago, wannabe Vaudevillian Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband, Amos, to take the rap…until he finds out he’s been duped and turns on Roxie. Roxie is arrested and sent to Cook County Jail to await trial where she meets Jazz Singer Velma Kelly and the other “Merry Murderesses”. The matron of the jailhouse, Mama Morton, hooks Roxie up with big-shot lawyer Billy Flynn, who in return for a handsome fee promises to defend Roxie at trial.

Due to the public’s fascination with notorious female killers, Roxie is front-page news at The Evening Star, her story being reported rather over-sympathetically by Mary Sunshine. Roxie and Velma vie for the spotlight and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of fame, fortune and acquittal.

Will Billy win the day in the circus that is the Chicago justice system, and secure the release of our two murderesses? Or will Cook County Jail witness its first ever female hanging?

Auditions are open to members and non-members of the Priory Theatre. However, it is the theatre’s policy that everyone that is cast in the production does become a member if not one already. Please e-mail for more information about the production or the audition process.

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